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The elite of C'Chartres Table Tennis needs your support!

As a historic French club, C'CHARTRES Table Tennis is at risk of disappearing from PRO A without your support. The decrease in public subsidies forces the club to diversify its sources of funding.

This call for donations must, in the first instance, help the club close its budget for 2023-2024 and, in the longer term, identify partnerships with businesses.

For over two decades, C’Chartres TT has embodied the excellence of French table tennis, with 4 French Championship titles, 1 European Cup, and a Champions League final. This professional club is one of the proud ambassadors of this sport throughout the Hexagon.


​A true professional powerhouse, the PRO A team helps shine a light on the club, making C'CHARTRES TT one of the most dynamic clubs in Eure et Loir and the Centre Val de Loire region. With these achievements, the club has successfully brought together over 200 licensed members of all levels and ages while fostering the development of young talents in our city.


​All of this demands significant financial resources to cover various needs such as professional player salaries, travel and logistics, technical coaching provided by three coaches (including one dedicated to the professional team), as well as the acquisition of necessary equipment and materials. ​


Unfortunately, the current economic situation has led to a 25% reduction in public subsidies. This significant decrease no longer allows financing the club's sports project with a professional team in PRO A and associated expenses (wages, logistics, equipment, etc.).


​We find ourselves at a crucial crossroads, and without external support, the leadership team will have to make difficult decisions, including considering sacrificing all or part of its professional section...


In this light, we seek your support by launching a fundraising campaign. The club aims to raise a total of €200,000, whether through generous donations or sponsorship partnerships [1].

​Your contribution will not only help maintain the representation of this historic club at the highest level but also support the training and development of young talents.

​Every donation counts, and your generosity will be a significant asset for our table tennis club.


We sincerely thank you for your valuable assistance.

[1] The club has the status of a public-interest association, and as such, each donation qualifies for a tax reduction of 66% of the donated amount for individuals and 60% for companies. (French tax system only)

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